Saturday, May 21, 2016

EPISODE 051 - Dating with the Force

Haven't found your "Chosen One"? Only end up getting set up with Nerf Hearders? Dating with the Force is your answer. It's a Dating site set up exclusively to match up like minded Star Wars fan hoping to make that love connection.

Today we talk to Josh Cohen, the CEO of who has a special offer for our listeners. We probe Josh's mind and play a rousing game of International Term of Affection or Star Wars term set to the theme of the Dating Game.  Fun ensues! 

Show Rundown
Interview with Josh Cohen - 00:54

Mind Probe - 22:38

Game - 33:47

Special Offer - 43:50

Star Wars Pick-up Lines - 46:24


Monday, May 2, 2016


Join Jason Collier (Access Hollywood's Ultimate Star Wars Fan and host of the Expanded Fandomverse Podcast), Scott Ryfun (Host of the My Star Wars Story Podcast and co-host of Dinner4GeeksPodcast), and Erin Neidigh(Author of 5,100 Question Mega-Ultimate "Star Wars" Quiz Book and the new Star Wars;The Force Awakens Quiz book) for reviews of all 13 original episodes.

Ben and Luke travel to Mos Eisley and meet up with a Smuggler named Han Solo to charter a flight to Alderaan . Ben and Luke must evade stormtroopers and local bar scum, while Han Solo has a confrontation with bounty hunter Greedo.

We talk radio drama, Riptide, and Rogue One, ..all in this jam packed episode!

ENJOY, and make sure you let us know what you think of the podcast!

"You may think you've seen the movie; just wait 'til you hear it!".. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Auralnauts Strike Back!

Our good buddies, The Auralnauts, have a new video that is hilarious. Seems like everyone loved the new character of Kylo Ren, but now with the help of The Auralnauts, we get to see and hear Kylo Ren's outtakes. Enjoy the video and checkout our interview with them below:

Monday, April 25, 2016

EPISODE 050 - Slave Leia 101 & Celebrating Our Official 50th Episode!

We celebrate out official 50th episode by welcoming show creator Tim McMahon back to the show. Tim and Jason reminisce about shows from days past and give a big shout out to those who have helped make the Fandomverse what is is today.

In the 2nd part of the show Jason talks to cosplayers Jeff & Stephanie Horstman about dressing up as Slave Leia & the Facebook group they are moderators of: Slave Leia's Gold Bikini Appreciation Society.

Celebrating 50 Episodes with Tim McMahon- 00:30

SLAVE LEIA 101:Interview with Jeff & Stephanie Horstman- 14:35

Kylo Ren Mind Probe - 1:02:17

Who wants to be a Grand Jedi Master - 1:19:31

A young girl's take on Slave Leia - 1:28:12

Public Service Announcement - 1:31:34

Slave Leia's Gold Bikini Appreciation Society

darkeyedredhead flickr page

Stephanie's Fan Page on Facebook

Thursday, April 14, 2016


In a very special bonus episode, Jason is joined by show founder Tim McMahon for a breakdown the new Rogue One Trailer! Call and leave us your opinion of the Trailer at 205-383-3663 or email us at

Art By Phil Noto...

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Expanded INDYVERSE

Legend has it that every April 1st an ancient power takes over the Expanded Fandomverse changing it's format to something of legend. If Adventure has a name, it must be the Expanded Indyverse! Jason is joined by Fandomverse guest host Kris Meyer, with whip and hat in toe, to decipher the American legend Indiana Jones. We talk movies, collectibles and INDY 5! Then Jason is joined by IndyCast host Ed Dolista for Irina Spalko's Crystal Skull mind probe and then Ed takes on the Temple of Doom Challenge! What else,..well, you'll have to download and find out, after all, we're just making this up as we go!

02:32 INDY 5 talk

07:25 Jason and Kris's Indy Fandom

19:49 Ed Dolista Interview

39:16  Irina Spalko's Crystal Skull Mind Probe

57:05 Temple of Doom Challenge

1:17:04 Special Indiana Jones Musical Selection


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

EPISODE 049 - Team Negative 1 Strikes Back PART 2

Our conversation gets a little crazy in this continuation of our conversation from last time.. Can you believe Mr. Black and most of Team Negative 1 HAVE NOT SEEN The Force Awakens?!?!? We find out more about that, the end of Team Negative 1, and Mr. Black's plans for a Raiders restoration. He also threatens us with restoring Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We also dive into collecting talk.